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So when you were looking at colleges, Williams College was clearly at the top of your list. The only problem? Maybe you live within a 5 minute walking distance. Maybe you grew up playing soccer at Towne Field House, are considered Lickity Split's #1 customer, have been to WCMA and the Clark as school field trips every year since you were 7... whatever the reason, townies are never alone. Here's a safe place to gather bios, information, and a small release from the endless jokes about locals. Yes, I do know about the pregnancy rate in Berkshire County. No, I do not have any children. Yet.


  • Erica Dewitt (Williamstown). Tall, blonde, beautiful, you probably have mistaken her for a New York sophisticate, but she too calls Williams her backyard, and is known to frequent Professor Dewitt's house on lasagna nights.
  • Emily Flynn (Pittsfield). Accidentals, JV soccer, Soph Council. Grew up in Pittsfield. Enough said.
  • Katie Grace (Dalton). Women's Center Board. Was known affectionately as "Dalton" during her rugby days. Can probably drink you underneath the table.
  • Alex Kopynec (Williamstown). Octet member, international playboy. Calls Williams his backyard. Because it is his backyard.
  • Kristen "K10" Milano (Pittsfield). Accidentals, Writing tutor, nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter. Met Emily at church, when she was 3. Known for her singer/songwriter performance (winter study '07) and her ability to rock out to the Killers like no other.


  • Ben Kolesar (Williamstown).
  • Nicole Tetreault (Adams)


  • Sean Carollo (North Adams). Previously known as "the guy with the hat and cloak."
  • Ally Holmes (North Adams). Best known for her rallying cry once broadcast on national television, "Run like a mad dog!"
  • Jared Strait (Williamstown).


  • Bryan Dragon (Cheshire). Best known for having big muscles (and also being good at Spanish).
  • Michael Gallagher (Cheshire). Currently saving the world in the Mississippi Teacher's Corps.


  • Ryan Carollo (North Adams).