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Mailman is the name of the software that runs WSO's listservers, which currently number over 800.


You can subsribe to or unsubscribe from Mailman listservers over the web. A list of all public lists can be found here:

Private lists are accessible at that address with "/LISTNAME" appended. Just navigate to the list you want to join or leave, and there will be instructions.

In addition, some options are available through an email interface. To join a list, send an email to

To leave a list, just email

Managing a listserver

Mailman has a fancy web interface so that list owners can modify all aspects of a list: the list's members, whether replies default to a particular person or the entire list, and about 80 other options. Just visit (where LISTNAME is the name of your list) to see the control panel.

Creating a listserver

Listservers are granted to student groups, entries, and things that seem like productive uses. To apply for a WSO listserver, visit:

Mailman is free software; see the the Mailman project home page for more information.