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'''Willipedia''' is an unofficial, collaborative source of information and diversion written by Williams people. If there's something related to Williams that you know a lot about, or that people at Williams might find helpful, please [[Help:Getting_started|contribute]]!
'''The wiki belongs to you.''' Feel free to use it to post useful information about some aspect of [[Williams College]].
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===Willipedia News===
We're trying to categorize the major articles to make Willipedia easier to browse. To add an article to a category, just add '''<nowiki>[[</nowiki>Category: ''category-name'']]''' to the top of the article, and it will show up in the appropriate index.
Below are non-trivial pages of interest. You can add to this list, or in fact edit any page on the wiki, by clicking "Edit this page" (at the bottom).
'''Writers:''' Willipedia now has a few pages that may help you start or edit articles. You can now learn basic stuff [[Project:About|about Willipedia]] and browse its current [[Project:Policies|standards and policies]]. Still have a question? Add it to our [[Project:FAQ|FAQ]].
==The Outdoors==
<div style="float: left; clear: both; width: 600px;">
* [[Guide to Tree-Climbing]]
==Article Directory==
* [[Guide to Hiking]]
<br />
<div style="width: 320px; clear: left; float: left;">
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Building|Buildings]]<br />'''
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Paresky Center]], [[Mission Park]]...</span></div>
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Computers|Computers]]<br />'''
* [[Driving Directions]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Firefox]], [[PINE]], [[Unix ID]]...</span></div>
* [[Getting to Boston]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Dining|Dining]]<br />'''
* [[Dining]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Coffee]], [[Restaurants]], [[Kitchens]]...</span></div>
* [[Organic Food]]
* [[Guide to Off-Campus Dining]]
==Stuff that should be done==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Games|Games]]<br />'''
* [[Stuff OIT Definitely Should Do]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Williams Trivia]], [[Killing As Organized Sport|KAOS]]...</span></div>
* [[Stuff WSO Definitely Should Do]]
* [[Stuff Morty Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff College Council Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff All Campus Entertainment (ACE) Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff The Student Body Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff Buildings and Grounds Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff the CUL Should Do]]
* [[Stuff Jesup Should Do]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Groups|Groups]]<br />'''
* [[Students with Skills]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band|Marching Band]], [[Dancing Folk|Contradance]]...</span></div>
* [[Your Mom]]
* [[My Dad]]
* [[The Cow]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Guides|Guides]]<br />'''
* [[Buildings]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Skiing]], [[Hikes|Hiking]], [[Fist pounds]]...</span></div>
* [[Taconic Golf Club]]
* [[Dodd House]]
* [[Thompson Hall]]
* [[Mills]]
* [[Prospect]]
==Student Groups Cool Enough to Have Non-Trivial Articles==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:History|History]]<br />'''
* [[(Moocho Macho Moocow Military) Marching Band]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Anchor Housing|Neighborhoods]], [[Pranks]]...</span></div>
* [[Accidentals]]
* [[Anchors Away]]
* [[Anti-Gravity Society]]
* [[Cap and Bells]]
* [[Chamber Choir]]
* [[Chess Club]]
* [[Clarinet Choir]]
* [[College Bowl]]
* [[Combo Za]]
* [[Competition Cheerleading]]
* [[Concert Choir]]
* [[Cricket Club]]
* [[Curling Club]]
* [[Cycling Team]]
* [[Deviants]]
* [[Elizabethans]]
* [[Ephlats]]
* [[Equestrian Team]]
* [[Free University]]
* [[The Gulielmensian]]
* [[Gymnastics Club]]
* [[KAOS: Killing as Organized Sport]]
* [[Lehman Community Service Council]]
* [[Mad Cow]]
* [[Meditation Society, Williams]]
* [[Octet]]
* [[Queer Student Union]]
* [[WARP]] or [[Williams Association of Role Players]]   
* [[Record]]
* [[Rugby Football Club]]
* [[Springstreeters]]
* [[Springstreakers]]
* [[Student Alumni Network]]
* [[Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization]]
* [[WCFM Williamstown 91.9 FM]]
* [[Williams Catholic]]
* [[Williams Students Online]]
* [[Williams Trivia]]
* [[Writing Workshop]]
* [[List of student groups|Full list of student groups]]
<div style="width: 320px; float: left; clear: right;">
==Games Students Play==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Student Housing 2.0|Housing]]<br />'''
* Apples to Apples
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Morgan]], [[West College]], [[Chadbourne House|Chadbourne]]...</span></div>
* [[Halo]]
* [[Beirut]]
* [[Capball]]
* [[Cribbage]]
* [[The Greatest Game in the World]] / Telepictionary
* [[Game With Four]]
* [[Mattress Dominoes]]
* [[My Dad]], apparently
* Roborally
* [[Telephone Oracle]]
==Pranks Students Pull==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:How-To|How-To]]<br />'''
* [[Pranks involving rooms]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Van license|get a van license]], [[Boston|get to Boston]]...</span></div>
* [[Pranks involving computers]]
==Miscellaneous How-To's==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Students|Students]]<br />'''
===Door Modification===
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Dating]], [[Travels]]...</span></div>
* [[How to prevent doors from rattling]]
* [[How to remove automatic door-closing hinges]]
* [[How to disable the buzzing of a propped door]]  
===PeopleSoft/Listserv Hell===
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:To-Dos|To-Do]]<br />'''
* [[How to unsubscribe from a list that seems impossible to get off]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Common courtesy]], [[Stuff WSO Definitely Should Do|WSO]], [[Stuff that You Should Do|for you]]...</span></div>
* [[Navigating PeopleSoft]]
===Software Tips===
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Tradition|Tradition]]<br />'''
* [[How to configure Apple iCal to send email reminders of events to anyone]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Quote board]], [[Mountains]]...</span></div>
* [[How to connect to a network PC from an Apple]]
* [[How to let Apple Mail auto-complete Williams email addresses]]
* [[How to share your iTunes music with more than 5 computers a day]]
* [[How to search the WSO Facebook directly from the Firefox search box]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Williamspeak|Williamspeak]]<br />'''
* [[How to procrastinate]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Sexile]], [[Junior Advisor|JA]], [[Freshmonic]]...</span></div>
* [[How to search the network for media using Windows]]
<div style="float: left; clear: both;">
*[[Migrate to Linux]]
*[[How to move files off of WSO]]
*[[How to transfer files to WSO]]
*[[How to make a web page on WSO]]
*[[How to log into WSO]]
==Minor Categories (as yet)==
* [[Winter Study]]
* [[Anchor housing]]
* [[Williams-Mystic Program]]
* [[Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford]]
* [[Free Stuff]]
You may also be interested in [[Wikipedia:Williams College|Wikipedia's entry on Williams College]], which has some good information.
[[:Category:Activity|Activity]], [[:Category:Advice|Advice]], [[:Category:Alumni|Alumni]], [[:Category:Academics|Academics]], [[:Category:Athletics|Athletics]], [[:Category:Biography|Biography]], [[:Category:Faculty|Faculty]], [[:Category:Resources|Resources]]
WSO/wiki is hosted by [[Williams Students Online]] and is not officially related to the college. It uses [http://wikipedia.sourceforge.net/ MediaWiki], the same software that powers the free and famous [[Wikipedia:Main page|Wikipedia]]. A Wiki is a site with many informative articles that anyone can edit. Feel free to contribute! We want this site to become a definitive source of information about Williams. Articles, biographies, stories, and how-to's are welcome, and on nearly any subject: buildings, people, organizations, classes, computing, hiking, anything of, about, or near the college. To edit an article, click "Edit this page" at the bottom of the article. To create a new article, there first needs to be a link to it; you can edit an existing, related article to create that link. You will probably want to consult [[Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page|Wikipedia's editing guide]] to learn the proper syntax.  Feel free to experiment in the [[Sandbox]].
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<div style="clear: both; float: left; width: 300px; margin-top: 20px">
* [[Project:About|About Willipedia]]
* [[Help:Getting started|Getting started]]
* [[Help:Editing|Basic editing help]]
* [[Project:Extensions|Advanced features]]
* [[Project:Policies|Willipedia policies]]
* [[Project:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]
<div style="float: left; width: 280px; margin-top: 20px; margin-left: 20px">
==Recently Updated==
<div style="font-weight: bold; text-align: right;">[[Special:Recentchanges|More recent changes...]]</div>
<rss max="8" templatename="Rc-rss-feed">https://wso.williams.edu/wiki/api.php?hidebots=1&translations=filter&urlversion=1&days=30&limit=50&action=feedrecentchanges&feedformat=rss</rss>
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