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'''Willipedia''' is an unofficial, collaborative source of information and diversion written by Williams people. If there's something related to Williams that you know a lot about, or that people at Williams might find helpful, please [[Help:Getting_started|contribute]]!
'''The wiki belongs to you.''' Feel free to use it to post information about some aspect of [[Williams College]], or at least information that some Williams students will probably find useful. To make any edits, you'll need to log in with your OIT or WSO account.  If you are in an especially helpful mood, consider starting one of the [[Special:Wantedpages|most wanted articles]].
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===Willipedia News===
We're trying to categorize the major articles to make Willipedia easier to browse. To add an article to a category, just add '''<nowiki>[[</nowiki>Category: ''category-name'']]''' to the top of the article, and it will show up in the appropriate index.
Below are non-trivial pages of interest. You can add to this list, or in fact edit any page on the wiki, by clicking "Edit this page" (at the bottom).
'''Writers:''' Willipedia now has a few pages that may help you start or edit articles. You can now learn basic stuff [[Project:About|about Willipedia]] and browse its current [[Project:Policies|standards and policies]]. Still have a question? Add it to our [[Project:FAQ|FAQ]].
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* [[Professors]]
==Article Directory==
* [[Students with Language Skills]]
* [[Students who want to meet random people]]
<br />
* [[Students with Body Skills]]
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* [[Students with Automotive Skills]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Building|Buildings]]<br />'''
* [[Students with Computer Skills]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Paresky Center]], [[Mission Park]]...</span></div>
* [[Students with Skills|Students with Other Skills]]
* [[Your Mom]]
* [[My Dad]]
* [[The Cow]]
* [[Relationships]]
* [[Ephs at War]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Computers|Computers]]<br />'''
* [[Winter Study]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Firefox]], [[PINE]], [[Unix ID]]...</span></div>
* [[Easy classes]]
* [[Hard Classes]]
* [[Interesting Classes]]
* [[Boring Classes]]
* [[Study abroad]]
* [[Williams-Mystic Program]]
* [[Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford]]
* [[Fellowships and other cool opportunities]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Dining|Dining]]<br />'''
* [[Buildings]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Coffee]], [[Restaurants]], [[Kitchens]]...</span></div>
* [[Dining hall]]
* [[Taconic Golf Club]]
* [[Dodd House]]
* [[Thompson Hall]]
* [[Mills]]
* [[Prospect House|Prospect]]
* [[Summer in Williamstown]]
==The Outdoors==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Games|Games]]<br />'''
* [[Guide to Tree-Climbing]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Williams Trivia]], [[Killing As Organized Sport|KAOS]]...</span></div>
* [[Guide to Hiking]]
* [[Skiing]]
* [[Williams Outing Club]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Groups|Groups]]<br />'''
* [[Tray carvings]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band|Marching Band]], [[Dancing Folk|Contradance]]...</span></div>
==Food and Drink==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Guides|Guides]]<br />'''
* [[Dining]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Skiing]], [[Hikes|Hiking]], [[Fist pounds]]...</span></div>
* [[Organic Food]]
* [[Guide to Off-Campus Dining]]
* [[Coffee]]
* [[Campus Vending Machines]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:History|History]]<br />'''
* [[Climate Initiative]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Anchor Housing|Neighborhoods]], [[Pranks]]...</span></div>
* [[Anchors Away]]
==Things Students Own==
* [[Books You're Welcome to Borrow]]
<div style="width: 320px; float: left; clear: right;">
* [[DVDs You're Welcome to Borrow]]
==Games Students Play==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Student Housing 2.0|Housing]]<br />'''
* [[Halo]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Morgan]], [[West College]], [[Chadbourne House|Chadbourne]]...</span></div>
* [[Beirut]]
* [[Capball]]
* [[Cribbage]]
* [[The Greatest Game in the World]] / Telepictionary
* [[Game With Four]]
* [[Mattress Dominoes]]
* [[My Dad]], apparently
* [[Telephone Oracle]]
* [[Poker]]
==Stuff that should be done==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:How-To|How-To]]<br />'''
* [[Pranks]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Van license|get a van license]], [[Boston|get to Boston]]...</span></div>
* [[Stuff OIT Definitely Should Do]]
* [[Stuff WSO Definitely Should Do]]
* [[Stuff Morty Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff College Council Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff All Campus Entertainment (ACE) Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff The Student Body Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff Buildings and Grounds Should Definitely Do]]
* [[Stuff the CUL Should Do]]
* [[Stuff that You Should Do]]
==Getting/Being Elsewhere==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Students|Students]]<br />'''
* [[Things to do in the Albany Area]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Dating]], [[Travels]]...</span></div>
* [[Things to do in Pittsfield]]
* [[Things to do in North Adams]]
* [[Driving Directions]]
* [[Getting to Boston]]
* [[How to switch from North Station to South Station]]
==Student Groups with Articles Longer Than 5 Complete Sentences==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:To-Dos|To-Do]]<br />'''
* '''See also: [[List of student groups|Full list of student groups]]'''
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Common courtesy]], [[Stuff WSO Definitely Should Do|WSO]], [[Stuff that You Should Do|for you]]...</span></div>
* [[(Moocho Macho Moocow Military) Marching Band]]
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Tradition|Tradition]]<br />'''
* [[Anchors Away]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Quote board]], [[Mountains]]...</span></div>
* [[College Bowl]]
* [[Deviants]]
* [[Elizabethans]]
* [[Good Question]]
* [[The Gulielmensian]]
* [[Lehman Community Service Council]]
* [[Mad Cow]]
* [[Peer Health]]
* [[Springstreakers]]
* [[WARP]] or [[Williams Association of Role Players]]   
* [[WCFM Williamstown 91.9 FM]]
* [[Williams Students Online]]
* [[Williams Trivia]]
==Miscellaneous How-To's==
'''<div class="willipedia_category">[[:Category:Williamspeak|Williamspeak]]<br />'''
* [[How to register to vote]]
<span class="willipedia_examples">[[Sexile]], [[Junior Advisor|JA]], [[Freshmonic]]...</span></div>
* [[How to get a van license]]
===Door Modification===
<div style="float: left; clear: both;">
* [[How to prevent doors from rattling]]
* [[How to remove automatic door-closing hinges]]
* [[Door buzzer]]
===PeopleSoft/Listserv Hell===
==Minor Categories (as yet)==
* [[How to unsubscribe from a list that seems impossible to get off]]
* [[Navigating PeopleSoft]]
===The Williams Network===
[[:Category:Activity|Activity]], [[:Category:Advice|Advice]], [[:Category:Alumni|Alumni]], [[:Category:Academics|Academics]], [[:Category:Athletics|Athletics]], [[:Category:Biography|Biography]], [[:Category:Faculty|Faculty]], [[:Category:Resources|Resources]]
* [[Getting the most out of iTunes]]
* [[How to get along with Novell]]
* [[How to print to network printers]]
* [[How to install the keyserver (and what is it?)]]
===Mac OS X===
* [[How to trick out your Mac]]
* [[How to configure Apple iCal to send email reminders of events to anyone]]
* [[How to connect to a network PC from an Apple]]
* [[How to wiki-fy a Delicious Library]]
* [[How to procrastinate]]
* [[How to search the network for media using Windows]]
* [[Trivia]]: [[Trivia On-Air Guide|On-Air Writing]]
===Using WSO===
<div style="clear: both; float: left; width: 300px; margin-top: 20px">
*[[How to get a WSO account]]
*[[How to log into WSO]]
* [[Project:About|About Willipedia]]
*[[How to move files off of WSO]]
* [[Help:Getting started|Getting started]]
*[[How to transfer files to WSO]]
* [[Help:Editing|Basic editing help]]
* [[Project:Extensions|Advanced features]]
===Making something on WSO===
* [[Project:Policies|Willipedia policies]]
*[[How to make a web page on WSO]]
* [[Project:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]
*[[How to deploy a web service on WSO]]
*[[How to hack on the WSO site]]
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*[[How to write a web service on WSO]]
==Recently Updated==
<div style="font-weight: bold; text-align: right;">[[Special:Recentchanges|More recent changes...]]</div>
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* [[Free Stuff]]
* [[Anchor housing]]
* [[How to migrate to Linux]]
* [[Weekly Happenings]]
* [[How to trick out Firefox]]
* [[How to donate your organs]]
* [[Guide to Fist Pounds]]
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* [[Project:About|About WSO/wiki]]
* [[Wikipedia:Williams College|Wikipedia's entry on Williams College]]
* [[Wiki board]]

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Willipedia is an unofficial, collaborative source of information and diversion written by Williams people. If there's something related to Williams that you know a lot about, or that people at Williams might find helpful, please contribute!

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