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The wiki belongs to you. Feel free to use it to post useful information about some aspect of Williams College.

Below are non-trivial pages of interest. You can add to this list, or in fact edit any page on the wiki, by clicking "Edit this page" (at the bottom).




The Outdoors

Food and Drink

Things Students Own

Games Students Play

Pranks Students Pull

Stuff that should be done

Getting/Being Elsewhere

Student Groups with Articles Longer Than 5 Complete Sentences

Miscellaneous How-To's

Door Modification

PeopleSoft/Listserv Hell

The Williams Network

Software Tips




You may also be interested in Wikipedia's entry on Williams College, which has some good information.

WSO/wiki is hosted by Williams Students Online and is not officially related to the college. It uses MediaWiki, the same software that powers the free and famous Wikipedia. A Wiki is a site with many informative articles that anyone can edit. Feel free to contribute! We want this site to become a definitive source of information about Williams. Articles, biographies, stories, and how-to's are welcome, and on nearly any subject: buildings, people, organizations, classes, computing, hiking, anything of, about, or near the college. To edit an article, click "Edit this page" at the bottom of the article. To create a new article, there first needs to be a link to it; you can edit an existing, related article to create that link. You will probably want to consult Wikipedia's editing guide to learn the proper syntax. Feel free to experiment in the Sandbox.

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