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DUE: January 8, 2006
DUE: January 8, 2006 to [mailto:scrane@williams.edu Professor Crane]
Name and class year:
Name and class year:

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DUE: January 8, 2006 to Professor Crane

Name and class year: SU and telephone number:

Major or expected major:

Describe your spoken and written Spanish proficiency (ex: can read newspapers, novels, etc. and make speeches, converse, etc.; or highest level of Spanish class at Williams):

List and describe in a sentence or two past internships or other relevant experiences (politics, journalism, writing):

Without looking, would you know what the PRI is? What happened on July 2, 2000? Could you name two people currently in power in Mexico?

If you don’t know the answers (which is fine), would you be willing to dedicate time to acquiring a background on Mexican politics (taking PSCI 222 qualifies)?

How long have you spent in an urban environment? Mexico City is one of the biggest, densest and most polluted cities in the world; how would you feel about living there for nearly three months?

On a separate page, write 300 or so words on why you are interested in the internship; how will it relate to your career goals, etc.