Mnemonics for Buildings

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It can be hard to remember which buildings are which, especially if they look almost exactly the same. This page is dedicated to collecting memory tools so that students will never again enter the wrong building.


The "houses" of Mission Park, from west to east (or from left to right, from the top of the hill), are Armstrong, Pratt, Mills, and Dennett, or:

  • Alimony Prompts Many Divorces
  • All People Must Dance
  • All People Must Drink


The dorms comprising the Greylock quad, from south to north (or from left to right viewed from from Greylock Dining Hall), are Bryant, (Mark) Hopkins, Carter, and Gladden, or:

  • Big Hairy Caribbean Girls
  • Big Hairy Crew Girls
  • Big Hairy Cajun Girls

Row Houses

From east to west, the row houses are Spencer, Brooks, Weston, Perry, and Wood, or:

  • Smart Babes Will Pick Williams
  • Stupid Bitches Won't Pick Williams