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We greet them with a song.
From [http://www.williams.edu/home/about_traditions.php the Williams Web page]:
:O, proudly rise the monarchs of our mountain land,
:With their kingly forest robes, to the sky,
:Where Alma Mater dwelleth with the chosen band,
:And the peaceful river floweth gently by.
:The mountains! the mountains! we greet them with a song,
:Whose echoes rebounding their woodland heights along,
:Shall mingle with anthems that winds and fountains sing.
:'til hill and valley gaily, gaily ring.
:Beneath their peaceful shadows may old Williams stand,
:'til suns and mountains nevermore shall be,
:The glory and the honor of our mountain land,
:And the dwelling of the gallant and the free.
This was written by Washington Gladden, Williams class of 1859.

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