Music Equipment for Serious Students

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Type of groupSpecial Interest - Music
Meeting timesporadic
Meeting placeunknown
Officewe wish

MESS is currently in hibernation. It was founded with the intention of securing a space and equipment for all students interested in forming bands and practicing somewhere. It is intended to be modeled after a system at Swarthmore, called Sound Machine which has been a big success there. The group would be based around a practice space where members could sign up for a time slot and use the already set up drums, amps and PA system. The goal would be to get money from College Council and campus life, the Dean's office and the presidents office to purchase the initial equipment, and then members would pay a deposit which would go towards possible damages, wear and tear, etc. The equipment would also ideally be loaned out to student bands for the purpose of performing on campus.

MESS is currently not functioning due to a lack of leadership. Morgan Goodwin, the group's founder, a) is not a musician and doesn't know enough about equipment to advocate for this effectively, and b) is busy. He is willing to support anyone willing to take up the leadership.

The most likely space available to us would be Sewell garage, but it would need serious renovation before it would be heated, soundproofed and clean enough to use. Other possible options for student musicians include a project called underground sound in Bennington, VT. Here is a quote from an email recieved about it:

"The vision of the space is still under negotiations, Chris Macksey, Youth Advisory Board President/Youth Executive Assistant would like to see the space offer youth the opportunity to record their own music, keeping with the program name, UNDERGROUND SOUND, in addition to the open mic nights, poetry readings, and other events. Chris has some great connections, as due the board to pursue such a venture. As with any site their are 2-3 major renovation projects that need to be address which I feel the teens should fundraise or solicit donations/in-kind services.
  1. A stair case which is not to Fire code
  2. Minor Renovations to Basement
  3. Start up funds for Equipment and supplies (Grants may absorb this cost)
(Items which may not get solved at the meeting but discussed.)
My hope is that with your knowledge in business management, motivation, and the support of Williams College you would like to come on board with your team to assist in making this process happen successfully and professionally."