North Adams

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North Adams is 10 minutes east of Williams on Route 2.

Things to do in North Adams

  1. Go to Village Pizza. It's open remarkably late.
  2. Go to North Adams SteepleCats baseball games if you're around in the summer.
  3. Go to Sugar Llama on Eagle Street; good ice cream, awesome name, and cheery colors.
  4. Go to Hickory Bill's. It's got the best brisket this side of...well, Texas, I guess.
  5. Go to Cup and Saucer at 6-ish on the First Friday of every month for a live jazz trio.
  6. Go to Papyri Books on main street. They have an interesting selection of used books, many of them quite old and obscure.
  7. Go to China Buffet. All you can eat "Chinese Food." It's disgusting and delicious and only $8 I think.
  8. Go to Jack's Hotdogs. Eagle Street. Hot dogs .70cents, fries, burgers, etc. Quick, local, and tasty!
  9. Go to a yoga class at Frog Lotus Yoga on Route 8.
  10. Go shopping on Eagle Street. It's amazing, and the book shop is tons of fun.
  11. Go to the Natural Bridge Park somewhere off Route 2. It's a great place to have a picnic and look at the bridge nature formed.
  12. Go to Brew Haha. Every day. (Wait, not Wednesday because they're closed!) SO GOOD. Especially recommended: smoked turkey wrap; tomato-basil cream cheese; lunch bagel.