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Rob Pasternak '11 (music director)
Rob Pasternak '11 (music director)
Matt Schuck '12 (on leave Fall '10)
Matt Schuck '12 (on leave 2010-2011)
Chad Young '12 (abroad Fall '10)
Chad Young '12  
Pete Mertz '12
Pete Mertz '12

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The all-male Williams Octet is the oldest a cappella group at Williams College, founded in 1941 by the illustrious Warren Hunke. Here's to you, our jovial friend.

The Fall concert 2005 featured song, dance, nerf warfare, two recorders played simultaneously, apocalyptic language, and the now-famous Kang hug.

Here are the YouTube links to the Spring 2008 end-of-year concert video, Planet Octet: PART1 PART2

In February 2010, the Octet shared the stage with Motion City Soundtrack. The band saw the Octet's version of "Fell In Love Without You" on YouTube and invited them to perform it at MCS' Irving Plaza, NYC concert. Solo and arrangement both by Lucas Bruton '11.

The Octet has a history of integrating skits into their concerts. Famous recent skits include "The Octet Adopts a Child" (spring 2009) and "The Octet Goes to Rehab" (spring 2010).

Octet videos from fall 2009 to the present can be found here. The same channel has a chronological playlist of all Octet videos dating back to 2001.

You may think all a cappella is the same, however...

Helpful distinguishing features of the Octet:

--We don't sing at our parties. (debatable...)

--We don't wear dresses (on stage).

The Williams Octet:

-Sing some, drink some, get some.

-A cappella with balls.

-Making girls scream since 1941. (did Williams have girls then? they were screaming in spirit.)


-Formerly known as "The Ocho".

See our website for procrastinatory material, out-of-date schedules and information, pictures of good times past, and member and alumni profiles. Auditions are held each year in early September.

Current Members:

Andrei Baiu '11 (co-president)

Lucas Bruton '11 (co-president)

Matthew Cranshaw '11

Rob Pasternak '11 (music director)

Matt Schuck '12 (on leave 2010-2011)

Chad Young '12

Pete Mertz '12

Patrick Aquino '12

Will Speer '13

Colton Growney '13

Paul Kiernan '13

Michael Girouard '13

Scott Pelton-Stroud '14

Alex Puskas '14

Sam Austin '14

Famous recent alums include:

Merritt Edlind '07

Dan Wollin '07

Blake Emerson '07

Auyon Mukharji '07

Dave Senft '07

Polo Black Golde '08

Tommy Gill '08

Daniel Yudkin '08

Eric Kang '09

Alex Kopynec '09

Rich McDowell '09

Aroop Mukharji '09

Harris Paseltiner '09

Eric Beam '10

James Trotta '10

Abiy Hailemichael '10.5