Peer Health

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Peer Health is a student-run organization at Williams College that provides the Williams community with information about health and sexuality. Our mission is to make students happier and healthier. Some annual events that Peer Health puts on include Kindness Week, Love Your Body Week, and library snacks during reading periods. We meet every Wednesday at 7PM in Paresky 212. Feel free to come by anytime!

Peer Health also offers a free, confidential Call-In/Walk-In (CIWI) service every Sunday-Thursday 7-10PM in our office, Paresky 212. Our peer counselors are trained in topics such as eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, women's and men's health, sex and sexuality, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted diseases, and stress. Counselors are also trained in active listening, and are there for you to vent to even if it's not a serious issue. It's also a great way to figure out what resources are available if you're struggling in a class, or not fitting in with your entry, or worried your friend may have an eating disorder. We offer CIWI training in the fall semester and during Winter Study. If you are interested in being trained to work as a peer counselor, please email <email></email> or one of the Co-Chairs. Please note, you do NOT need to be trained as a peer counselor to be a member of Peer Health!

Peer Health also sells brand-name condoms such as Trojan Ultra-Thin, Ribbed, Ecstasy, etc. All brand-name condoms are 25 cents each, or 5 for $1. In addition, we offer free items like lubricant, internal condoms, and Lifestyle condoms. We also have items like earplugs and tea for free. You can get these items during our call-in/walk-in hours, Sunday-Thursday 7-10PM.

Spring '16 Officers:

May Congdon '17 (mmc3) - Co-Chair

Johanna Wasserman '18 (jsw3) - Co-Chair

Elizabeth Curtis '17 (efc2) - Secretary

Angela Yeo '18 (say1) - Treasurer

Olivia Clark '17 (oec1) - CIWI Co-Coordinator

Kendall Leet-Otley '17 (kol1) - CIWI Co-Coordinator

Office: Paresky 212, in the cozy corner past the WOC office and bathrooms

Phone Number: (413) 597-3140

Email: <email></email>