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Although the Dean’s Office has a pretty comprehensive list of fellowships, if you scan the deadlines or get the sheet that is handed out at information sessions, you might get the impression that all postgraduate fellowships are academic in nature and only winnable by those with stratospheric GPAs. Certainly this is true with the ones that the office promotes (Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge and the Williams UK Fellowships), but there are many others out there:


Echoing Green Fellowship Program

Coro Fellows Program

  • Length: 9 months
  • Deadline: January 6
  • Cost: $3500

Dorot Fellowship

  • Deadline: January 13

Emerson Hunger Fellows Program

  • Length: 12 months
  • Deadline: January 15
  • Williams fellows: Shawn Powers ’04

Insight Fellowship Program

Williams in Africa

  • Length: 1 year
  • Deadline: February 1

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship

  • Length: 1 semester
  • Next deadline: October 15, 2005