Purple bubble

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....The purple bubble is the place where all world news is lost, like when people live under rocks, except we just live in the mountains. Especially when your common room TV is broken... there is no way of knowing what is truly going on. Also, the purple bubble is the term that people generally use when referring to how small the Williams college community is. Our own special version of "it's a small world after all."

Some real life examples of this:

"Wait, we're waging war with who??!?!" "What hurricane?" "Oh, man, has Texas seceded?"

We wouldn't know. We're in the bubble, baby. The purple bubble.

There are PoliSci majors here who had no idea who Howard Dean was when he came to visit.

This common ailment can be cured by just five minutes a day of reading the the drudge report

Or by 1/2 hour a day, by watching "The Daily Show."