Queer Bash Email Incident

An email sent by Nate Winstanley '04 on behalf of the Queer Student Union (QSU) to all-campus to publicize the fall 2003 Queer Bash drew vehemently disapproving emails from two first-year students. When Winstanley, feeling threatened by the emails he'd received, made them and their senders public by forwarding it to various listservers and administration officials, the exchange became a subject of widespread campus attention and debate, and the cause for a disciplinary investigation.

The email exchange transpired between October 10th and 14th 2003. Full ramifications of the event included prolonged debate within College Council , of which Winstanley was a member; a widely publicized special QSU meeting to discuss the events, at which the two first years' Junior Advisors were present; and the two first-years' decision to withdraw from the College for a year, perhaps part-induced by pressure from the disciplinary investigation and proceedings against them.

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