Renewable Energy Petition 2007-2008

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The Renewable Energy Petition 2007-2008

To the Trustees:

Last year, President Schapiro led the College toward an admirable sustainability initiative, promising to work “within budgets, for individual projects and the college as a whole, that include significant investments in sustainability.” While Williams has made advances—LEED-certified new buildings, the new Zilkha Center—we, the undersigned, believe that the College should go much further with those investments in order to meet its stated Climate Action goals by 2020. We believe the college should set a percentage of the energy consumption of all new building projects to come from college-owned renewable sources, like solar panels, micro wind turbines, or solar hot water systems. These investments in sustainability will help make Williams College a true institutional leader.


The undersigned.


  • Jay Cox-Chapman '09
  • Kimberley Taylor '08
  • Elissa Brown '09
  • Whitney Leonard '08
  • Phillip Carter '08
  • Nathan Elwood '08
  • Elizabeth Irvin '10