Room draw

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Room draw is the arduous and miserable process of forming a group of 1-6 people who all want to live together next year, then arguing over which neighborhood your group wants (if you're freshmen, who get to choose their own neighborhood as of 2010-2011), then making a list of preferred buildings and rooms, then showing up on room draw night and despairing as every one of those options get snapped up by groups/people with higher pick numbers.

Seriously though, you'll be fine. No matter what they end up with, people tend to stop complaining about their rooms within two weeks or so of moving in. And to some extent you can count on people looking for different things.

As room draw approaches, you (as a Thoughtful and Highly Prepared Williams Student) may want to consider the following:

  • Do I want a single or a double?
  • Do I want to be close to a dining hall/the gym/class buildings/other?
  • Do I want to be as far away from everyone as possible?
  • What's the view like from this dorm?
  • Would I mind taking 4 flights of stairs to get to my room?
  • Do I want to live in the same suite/hallway as my friends, or is it enough to be in the same building?
  • Can this dorm's name be shortened to a catchy abbreviation?

For more information on housing, see here.