Rugby Football Club

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The WRFC was founded in 1509 when the Spanish Conquistadors discovered the Aztec settlement we now call Williamstown.

Throughout their long history, the Rugby team has had the distinction of being perhaps the only club at Williams where 95% of the team had no experience with the game before coming to school.

Playing two a year, fall and spring, each season culminates in a historic game against Amherst, where every player by default bets his jersey against his opposite. The winner of course earns the opposite jersey as a trophy.

Practices are held three days a week on the pitch in cole field, Tuesday-Thursday from 4-6 pm. There is often a team run on Mondays at 4:30, and games are held down on the pitch on Saturdays.

The Rugby Team's motto is "Nihil in Moderato" which in Aztec means "nothing in moderato"

Brian Blood played rugby. So did Hansel. How hot is that?

WRFC web site

The women's rugby team (WWRFC) has been around since 1976, boasts a run to nationals, and Division II membership. The team consists of ex-JV soccer players, ex-softballers, ex-field hockey players, burnt out high school varsity athletes, and anyone else looking to stay in shape.

The women's team also practices on Cole Field, but put in a full ten hours of weekly practice, unlike their male counterparts. Practice is Monday-Fridays from 4-6pm at cole field. Team traditions include Jersey Week, Rugby Goddess Week, Tea Parties, and various others. Each year includes 2 full-seasons with A and B-side games, a spring break trip, and general awesomeness.

Women's officers are known to belt out such classics such as, "I Want it That Way," "Head Over Feet," and of course, "I Want You Back." They also enjoy a leisurely life of starfishing, bombadier'ing, and summering on the cape.

The women's team motto is 'scite terroris' which loosely translates to "know fear."

Wanna join? Email lll1, ct1 or cce1. Experience is not expected :) More information is available on our website or on the "Women's Rugby" Willipedia page.

Williams Women's Rugby Football Club website

Maddie Jones '09 plays rugby. She's kinda a big deal...even at Oxford.