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Often, students feel that the Administration is able to get away with changes to student life that contradict strong student sentiment because they are able to "wait us out" -- ie, wait for us to graduate. Indeed, many aspects of Williams College culture are challenged by the short common memory of students, and students on College Council, the Minority Coalition, and any student or group that wishes to effect change in student life often wish they had a body of knowledge from which they could draw an idea of precedent.

This page is a repository of past and present complaints, and a record of the policy changes that lead to those complaints. As such, it is likely never to be neutral point of view (NPOV), but editors should seek inclusiveness and accuracy of fact before being concerned with consensus that something is, in fact, a grievance. Even an editor who regards another's grievance as a positive change can still edit it for accuracy of time it took place, and what policy was actually changed.





Historical Grievances

What could students of the past expect from life here? What did seniors of old enjoy that new underclassmen are missing? This section is a record of short blurbs that note a semester and any past changes in campus policy that occurred then. Ideally, the blurb should give enough of a description so that a current student will understand what changed, or, for large issues, provide a link to relevant, informative article.

Books in Thomspon

author title location
James Stewart Calculus Thompson (Evan Miller)
TIMOTHY GARTON ASH The File Thompson (Evan Miller)
National Geographic National Geographic Atlas of the World Thompson (Evan Miller)
A.T. Olmstead History of the Persian Empire Thompson (Evan Miller)
God The Holy Bible Thompson (Evan Miller)
Soren Kierkegaard Selections from the Writings of Kierkegaard Thompson (Evan Miller)
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen Programming Perl Thompson (Evan Miller)
Halliday, Walker, and Resnick Fundamentals of Physics Thompson (Evan Miller)
Hannah Arendt Eichmann in Jerusalem Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kevin A. Ring Scalia Dissents Thompson (Evan Miller)
William Blackstone Commentaries on the Laws of England Thompson (Evan Miller)
John C. Calhoun Union and Liberty Thompson (Evan Miller)
Kathleen Jamieson Everything You Think You Know About Politics... Thompson (Evan Miller)
Edmund Burke Reflections on the Revolution in France Thompson (Evan Miller)
Gary Goshgarian Exploring Language, 10th Edition Thompson (Evan Miller)
Lewis Porter, et al. Jazz Thompson (Evan Miller)
Howard A. Anton, Chris Rorres Elementary Linear Algebra Thompson (Evan Miller)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson Selected Poems Thompson (Evan Miller)
Hitchens, Caldwell Left Hooks, Right Crosses Thompson (Evan Miller)

Presidents of Williams College


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 from:1821  till:1836 shift:($dx,0)    text:Edward Dorr Griffin
 from:1836  till:1872 shift:($dx,0)  text:Mark Hopkins
 from:1872  till:1881 shift:($dx,0)    text:Paul Ansel Chadbourne
 from:1881  till:1901 shift:($dx,0)    text:Franklin Carter
 from:1902  till:1908 shift:($dx,0)    text:Henry Hopkins
 from:1908  till:1934 shift:($dx,0)    text:Harry Augustus Garfield
 from:1934  till:1937 shift:($dx,0)    text:Tyler Dennett
 from:1937  till:1961 shift:($dx,0)    text:James Phinney Baxter
 from:1961  till:1973 shift:($dx,0)    text:John Edward Sawyer
 from:1973  till:1985 shift:($dx,0)    text:John Wesley Chandler
 from:1985  till:1993  shift:($dx,0)   text:Francis C. Oakley
 from:1994  till:1999  shift:($dx,0)   text:Harry C. Payne
 from:1999  till:2000  shift:($dx,0)   text:Carl W. Vogt
 from:2000  till:end  shift:($dx,0)   text:Morton Owen Schapiro


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