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Though few current students may remember when Greylock Dining Hall started their midday deli tradition, it set in motion a lunch revolution that would sweep through the campus dining halls, giving rise to the short but very popular run of Baxter North Dining Hall and culminating in today's Driscoll lunches, to some the defining lunch experience. Bob Volpi has brought Driscoll a long way from its Dirty D days.

Do you snub the speed of Grab 'n' Go because a good lunch just can't be rushed, even if it means being late to lab? Do you think the panini sandwich presses were an even better buy than the Schow chairs? This page is for you and for all dining hall sandwich connoisseurs. Here we celebrate dining hall sandwiches, including those found on the service line, but most especially this page is for those sandwiches dreamed up by the students who enjoy them.

Great Sandwich Eph Originals

It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure between two (or more) slices of bread! Give the recipe for your masterpiece creations here, and note if it can only be made in certain dining halls. Be sure to give it a name!

Cassanova: A couple slices of turkey, some goat cheese, a little cranberry sauce, onion and a slice or two of fresh tomato in a potato onion roll sporead with some Thousand Island, paninied to browned goodness. Greylock lunch only.

Mud and Leaves: Two pieces of thick multigrain bread, two spoonfuls of chunky natural peanut butter, raw spinach leaves, and a bit of honey. Beware of eating in front of culinarily conservative friends.

Great Dining Services Sandwiches

Sandwich lovers give props below to Dining Services successes in going the extra mile at lunch.

But to do this right, you'd have to take notes on Driscoll. Which is weird.
-- Allison Smith '07

Aunt Vicky's Beef Brisket: Making its first appearances at Driscoll in Fall 2004 (avilable there only?), this is a hot roast beef melt distinguished by the fried onions topping that you can only get on a dining services hot line. Served on a roll, and guaranteed to put you to sleep in your 1:10 lecture.

The Rachel: Served only at Dodd? This gooey sandwich was often served as an alternative to its inspiration and close cousin, the Reuben. Though I am sure I saw and ate this sandwich, I can't find anyone who remembers the ingredients. I think it was a vegetarian alternative to the Reuben; can anyone clarify? Has it been discontinued?

Egg McWilliams: A fried egg, a sausage patty, a slice of white American cheese and no regrets make this fairly greasy Williams classic, served on an English muffin as a Snack Bar mainstay and as an occassional treat at brunch, where they let you build your own.

Tuna melt: Grilled and greasy at the Snacky B.

Grilled cheese and tomato The humble workhorse of the snack bar, where this favorite for the late study snack flies off the grill. The tomato is 30¢ extra over a plain grilled cheese, but so worth it. One of the semesterly Late Night Snacks hosted by dining services near finals time is based around this sandwich.

Scary ass hot dogs: Don't even think about it.

THE PUB BURGER: Prostrate yourself before the mighty Pub Burger. This colossus comes with steak fries and a set of fixins, some of which are never served with any other dish. Choose from sauteed onion, peppers, and mushrooms, bacon, and cheese sauce, in addition to anything else you can pile.