Schow Science Library

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Schow is where all the books, bound journals and periodicals relating to science, math, and psychology are kept. It is also a popular studying location for many students. It is located between the Physics and Chemistry buildings in the Science Quad.


  • The Writing Workshop takes place in Schow on school nights.
  • The Eco-Cafe is just upstairs.
  • The bathrooms are much closer, and more attractive, than in Sawyer.
  • There are nice soft couches.
  • The Schow Public printer is quite reliable.
  • There is a copier for a dime a page. Sometimes they even let you copy things behind the desk for free.


  • Schow's acoustics are kind of terrible for a library. If you drop your pencil, or sneeze, or turn a page in your book, everyone around you will hear it.

Fun facts

  • The chairs are adjustable in about 37 different ways, and each cost $500. The admissions office tours look down at Schow from the atrium to point out this fact to all prospective students and their families.

Also see the College's Schow Science Library page, and a map of Schow Science Library.