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Don't be shy. Can you do something that other people find useful, entertaining, or impressive? Don't hide it under a bushel! Instead, post here. Put your proficiency in parentheses. Add new categories and skills as appropriate.

This page was getting pretty big and hard to navigate/read/edit, so it's broken into categories. Consider this the "Miscellaneous Skills" section.

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Animal Sounds, etc.

Caveman Talk

Chris St.Cyr

Dog Bark

Danny Fischler barks at cars, beeping alarms, and squirrels with nice legs.

Jono Dowse barks back at dogs that chase him on runs; they retreat in fear.

Cat Meow

Alexa Herlach and she does it often.

Julianne Shelby is probably just actually a cat

Cow Moo


Samantha Peterson can burp the alphabet. Backwards.

Unbelievably Frightening Subsonic Beast Voice

Neal Holtschulte: enter Rangda.

Liz Bacon can do some scary stuff. She has breathing issues. -Cat Vielma '09

Circus Arts & other amazing feats

I can ride a unicycle!

Alex Ambros (the 1 in 2000 girl)

Elissa Brown (in the same entry as Alex - what's the probability of that?)

Abby McBride can too!

Bryan Dragon can but doesn't want anybody to know about it.

I can slackline

Elissa Brown (shakily)

Alex Ambros

Dave Kleinschmidt (if I'm lucky)

Evan Bick

Sean McKenzie (anywhere and everywhere)

I can juggle (balls, clubs, knives, flaming torches, etc.)

Alex Ambros (working on passing clubs)

Elissa Brown(see above. We'll get it eventually)

Ben Brooks (I can do everything listed in the title except "etc." Whatever that is...)

Jason Ren (I can do everything listed AND Etc. I know what it is)

Robin Stewart (He's the master)

Jacob Eisler '04 says his one of his two major accomplishments in high school was learning to juggle.


Margaret Pigman can read and write braille, and has a braille typewriter! And, and, and! Margaret takes class notes in Braille.

Diana Davis can write holding a pencil with her toes.

Jonathan Landsman is the fastest two-finger typist there is, and can do so blindly.


Joseph Gangestad can do an uncanny Gollum (Andy Serkis)

Dan Wollin can too.

And Ralph Morrison (rare talent, it seems).

Joe Shoer '06 can do Stitch fairly okay very well.

Danny Fischler '06 does a decent Donald Duck scream, but is limited to a rather crude vocabulary.

The entire cross country team imitates Pete Farwell with widely varying degrees of success and/or recognizability.


Lisetta Shah can find 4-leaf clovers pretty much just by looking down at the ground for a couple seconds, and sometimes without even that much effort.

Alex Ambros see above, plus those trippy five and six leaf ones

Martial Arts/Small Arms

Michael Anthony Del Rio is surgical with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Andrew Triska '10 learned to fire a handgun at age 4. He has yet to perfect it.