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Can you do something that other people find useful, entertaining, or impressive? Don't hide it under a bushel! Instead, post here. Put your proficiency in parentheses.

Automotive Skills

Drive Stick Shift

Evan Miller (maniacally)

Daniel Rooney (erratically)

Brendan Dougherty (smooth as shit out of a duck's ass)

Joe Shoer '06 (proficiently)

Change a Tire

David Rodriguez '06 has changed more than his fair share of tires and learned that salt+rust will effectively glue a wheel onto the axle. Solution? Wedge the flat edge of your hubcap-removal tool into the jammed area and whack the crap out of it with a hammer. Eventually, if you're lucky, that wheel will pop right off.

Jumpstart a Car

David Rodriguez '06 has also had his fair share of car jumpstarts and knows not to connect the black plug to red and red plug to black. If you do, you will blow the battery fuse in your fusebox and burn out some expensive component in your car. Through his learning processes, he found just how costly it is to replace the stock amp that powers your stereo.

Oral Skills

Blow free-floating saliva bubbles

Brendan Dougherty

Manual Skills

Snap fingers by flipping the wrist

Evan Miller (right hand only)

Computer Languages


Kai Steverson (competent)


Daniel Rooney (disgusting)


Daniel Klein (is too a real language)

Feats of Strength

Benchpress the big bar

Evan Miller (like it was the training bar)

Object Tricks

Foreign Languages

Foreign Object Tricks