Snack Bar delivery

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Takes place TONIGHT!, Dec. 3rd 2005

On Saturday, Dec. 3rd, from 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. you may place an order at the snack bar by phone, and a student worker will deliver your food to your room. There will be a 2$ delivery charge, but you are welcome to combine 2 or more orders in the same delivery (talk to the friends down the hall). This night is being regarded as a trial run for this new service.

Call in your orders at x2281. From off campus or cell: (413) 597-2281


Tyler Resident: "What could possibly make my life at Williams better?"

Prospect resident: "I don't know, maybe getting delicious snack bar food delivered right to my door!"

Tyler Resident: "That's it, it's brilliant!"


Sandwiches and Pockets

Hamburger	        $2.50
Cheeseburger		$2.70
Hot Dog		        $1.70
Grilled Chicken         $3.75 
Chicken Patty           $3.65 
Tuna Pocket		$4.20 
Veggie Pocket		$2.25 
Veggie Pocket w/Hummus  $3.00 
Black Bean Burger	$4.29 


Fries		        $1.75 
Spicy Fries		$2.25 
Mozzarella Sticks	$3.25 
Onion Rings		$2.00 


Cheese			$6.25 
Veggie 			$6.25 
Pepperoni 		$6.25 

Soda (canned)

Coke		        $0.75 
Diet Coke		$0.75
Sprite		        $0.75

No ice creams, smoothies, gelato, etc. You wouldn't like the shape that it gets to you in.

Fine Print

You may order with dinner points, normal points or cash. If using your card, you will need to read the number on the back of the card (under the bar code) over the phone. If you say you have dinner points, and when we go to place the order the card reader says you don't (it happens sometimes) you will still recieve your food and will sign the reciept showing that you will be charged for this food. If paying with cash, you must have correct change (or else the excess will become tip).