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Snow Sculpture Competition

During winter study 2009, College Council decided to bring back the great snow sculpture competition. To facilitate the competition, CC arranged for facilities to make huge snow piles on Paresky lawn and provide shovels to participating teams. To create a festive atmosphere, CC set up speakers in front of Paresky and played music while teams worked on their winter masterpieces. All students were invited to participate and teams were given exactly 30 hours to assemble their creations.

The panel of CC judges awarded top prize (a $100 gift certificate to anywhere on Spring Street) to the winter wonderland igloo scene. The great white shark claimed second place (a $50 gift certificate to anywhere on Spring Street).

See below for pictures of the sculptures created for this competition.

See here for a video of the event taken by Professor Morgan.



The Winning Team Beside Its Creation

Winter Wonderland Igloo Scene






Second Place

The Great White Shark




The Chapin Turtle



Hudson the Dog


The Giant Shell