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Alan Cordova

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#REDIRECT [[UserCategory:AcordovaStudents]][[Category:Class of 2006]][[Image:chicklet.jpg]]The [[Record|Williams Record]]'s first (and only) Hiking Columnist (see [[Trail Mix]]), ex-president of the [[Lehman Community Service Council]] and founder of the [[Mexico City Internship Program]]. Blogs [ here] and has a web site [ here]. ===Willipedia Research===* '''History''': [[Anti-War Community Task Force]], [[Sentinels of the Republic]], [[Susan Schwab '76]]* '''Useful stuff''': [[How to get a van license]], [[Fellowships and other cool opportunities]], , [[Vending machines|pop machines on campus]], [[Skiing]], [[Coffee]], [[Internships]], [[Skiing cheaply|Cheap ski opportunities]], [[How to register to vote]], [[Washingtonians]] ===Leadership Roles=== {{start box}}{{Succession_box | before = [[Dani Lerro '05]] | title = [[President of the Lehman Council]] | years = 2005&ndash;2006 | after = [[Caitlin Sullivan '07]] | rows = 1}}{{end box}}{{start box}}{{Succession_box | before = none | title = [[Mexico City Intern]] | years = 2004 | after = [[Nick Carter '07]] | rows = 1}}{{end box}} ===Places Alan has lived:===<googlemap width="600" height="300" zoom="1" type="hybrid" controls="medium">42.71474,-73.205037,([[Williams Hall|Williams F206]], 2002-2003)38.894264,-76.998925,(Washington, DC, Summer 2003)42.716687,-73.203353,([[Pratt House|Pratt 405]], 2003-2004)19.437487,-99.148291,(Mexico City, Summer 2004)42.710515,-73.202323,([[Prospect House|Prospect E402]] (Room no longer exists), 2004-2005)37.163856,-3.594203,(Granada, Spain, Winter Study 2005)42.874014,74.607811,(Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, June-July 2005)38.570448,68.79673,(Dushanbe, Tajikistan, July-August 2005)47.924798,106.919203,(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, August 2005)42.710404,-73.207043,([[Lambert House]], 2005-2006)</googlemap>