Configuring an email client

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#Load Outlook and click on the Tools menu.
#Select "Email Accounts"
#Select “Add "Add a New Email Account”Account"#Select “IMAP”"IMAP"
#Fill out your information. The way you write your name is the way it will appear in the heading of your emails to other people. For email address use either your unix (08xyz) or full name (
#For Incoming server use “studentmail"”edu"#For Outgoing server use “mail"”edu"
Optional: You can set Outlook to download your e-mail from the IMAP server onto your personal computer if you are so inclined. The advantage is that you can get to all your e-mail just by opening Outlook, without connecting to the server (or the Internet at all, for that matter). The downside is that sometimes Outlook loses contact with the IMAP server and might shut down the rule you set up.
#Load Thunderbird and click on the tools menu:
#Select “Account Settings”"Account Settings"#Select “Add Account”"Add Account"#Select “Email Account”"Email Account"
#Input your Name and Email Address (either form of the latter is's a reply-to address)
#Select “IMAP”"IMAP"#Input incoming server as “studentmail"”edu"#Input your personal information (username is same as UNIX name[[Unix ID]])#Now, back at the original box entitled “Account "Account settings,” " Look at the list on the left and select “Outgoing Server”"Outgoing Server"#Click “Edit”"Edit"#For Outgoing Server use “mail"” edu" Make sure the port number is 25.#Check the “Use "Use Name and Password” Password" under the Security Authentication box
A more comprehensive list of setting up older versions of Microsoft Outlook or other programs [ here].