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== Advice ==
* Be wary of emails from OCC - they often forward advertisements without doing a background check. Do some research for hidden costs/disclaimers before thinking about applying.* Apply early, apply often - all you need is one place to say 'yes' and you're good. There are tons of opportunities to apply to, but sometimes the best internships are the ones you make for yourself. * Don't be afraid to ask - everyone loves unpaid help (as long as you don't [ abuse the privilege] like this [ Amherst student]).
 * If you can't afford to work without pay for a summer, don't let that stop you from seeking an internship at a nonprofit or in entertainment. You can apply for one of the OCC alumni internship grants (check out [[Fellowships and other cool opportunities]]). While you're there, check out the write-ups by students of their internship for persuasion or dissuasion.
== Journalism ==
[ Costly] - again, you're getting something you don't have to pay for.
=== [ Global Service Corps] ===
Same deal, just on an international basis: you have to [ cough] [ up] $2,175 for 2 weeks, $2,665 for 4, $3,155 for 6 or $3,890 for 9.
== Locations ==
=== Washington, DC ===
Can be [ heaven or hell], depending on your ability to handle politics 24x7. While it can be intimidating (and the humidity oppressive), you can't beat playing frisbee on the National Mall or being able to stroll past the White House on your way to work.