Emergency phones

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42.709533,-73.20655,Doughty House
42.715694,-73.203862,Path down from [[Williams Hall]] to [[Mission Park]] (blue globe)
42.714046,-73.203873, [[Hunt Plaza]] (blue globe)
42.712284,-73.207397,Behind [[Brooks House]]
42.713498,-73.203047,SE Corner of [[Sawyer Library]] (blue globe)
42.714673,-73.201995,[[Goodrich House]]
42.71489,-73.201185,[[Dodd House]]
42.715233,-73.20155,[[Hubbel House]]
42.715288,-73.201926,[[Parsons House]]
42.715788,-73.202929,Path down from [[Sawyer Library|Sawyer]] to [[Mission Park|Mission]] (blue globe)
|There are [ 98 yellow emergency phones] are located on the exterior of the dorms next to the card readers. There are also 36 emergency phones topped by blue lights located at various points across campus. Pushing the red emergency button on any emergency phone will connect you directly with the Campus Safety and Security Department's Emergency Response Line. You may also reach 9-1-1 emergency service by pushing the black button for a dial tone, and dialing 9-911. If you wish to reach Campus Safety and Security, dial 4444 from any phone on campus, including the yellow emergency phones. By pushing the black button, you can dial any 4-digit campus number after receiving a dial tone.<br><br>The blue lights are known to emit a [[Media:Blue_Globes.ogg|romantic glow]].