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Education: added summer teaching internships
* If you can't afford to work without pay for a summer, don't let that stop you from seeking an internship at a nonprofit or in entertainment. You can apply for one of the OCC alumni internship grants (check out [[Fellowships and other cool opportunities]]). While you're there, check out the write-ups by students of their internship for persuasion or dissuasion.
== Education ==
Many private boarding schools in New England have summer schools, and take on teaching interns for the summer to teach a wide range of subjects, coach a variety of sports, and live in the dorm with students. Some examples:
* [ Phillips Exeter Academy]
** Hyejin Rho '07 was an intern in summer 2006
* [ Phillips Academy Andover]
* [ Northfield Mount Hermon School]
** [[Diana Davis]] '07, Bryan Dragon '06, [[Neal Holtschulte]] '06, Ren Wei '07, and John Wisbey '06 were interns in summer 2006
* [ St. Paul's School]
* [ Taft School]
* [ Choate Rosemary Hall]
* [ Hotchkiss School]
* [ Miss Porter's School]
== Journalism ==