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naming conventions
===Dog Bark===
[[Danny Fischler '06]] barks at cars, beeping alarms, and squirrels with nice legs.
[[Jono Dowse '06]] barks back at dogs that chase him on runs; they retreat in fear.
===Cat Meow===
[ Alexa Herlach] and she does it often.
[[Julianne Shelby '06]] is probably just actually a cat
===Cow Moo===
===Unbelievably Frightening Subsonic Beast Voice===
[[Neal Holtschulte '06]]: enter Rangda.
Liz Bacon can do some scary stuff. She has breathing issues. -Cat Vielma '09
[ Margaret Pigman] can read and write braille, and has a braille typewriter! And, and, and! Margaret takes class notes in Braille.
[[Diana Davis '07]] can write holding a pencil with her toes.
[[Jonathan Landsman|Jonathan Landsman '05]] is the fastest two-finger typist there is, and can do so blindly.
[[Joseph Gangestad '06]] can do an uncanny Gollum (Andy Serkis)
[ Dan Wollin] can too.