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There are lots of great places to run nearby, and you don't have to be on the [[Cross Country Running|cross country]] or [[Nordic Ski Team|ski team]] to enjoy them. Here is a good mix of both tried-and-true runs and lesser-known runs. All distances depend on where you start on campus; routes can vary in distance by up to a mile depending on whether you start at [[Carter House|Carter]] or [[Fitch House|Fitch]].
Distance: 5.6 miles
===Stone Hill===
Go down Water Street for about two miles until you see a steep road called Scott Hill Road on your right. Go up the hill and after a few hundred meters you will see a road to your right. This turns into dirt and becomes more like a trail. Follow this road until you get to [[Stone Bench]]. Then either go straight or turn left; both ways take you down the hill with the cows to the [[Clark Art Museum|Clark]]. '''Remember to latch the gates behind you.''' Turn left out of the Clark driveway, which will take you to the traffic circle and back to campus.
Distance: 7 miles (?)
===Mountain Meadow===
Run along Rt. 7 towards Bennington for about two miles. The road curves to the left, with the [[Restaurants#Chef's Hat|Chef's Hat]] restaurant inside the curve. Do not curve to the left; instead, take the dirt road to the right on the outside of the curve. Cross the little parking lot and follow the trail up, up, up through the field and gaze at the gorgeous view. Then follow the path into the woods. Eventually the path turns into more like a road. At intersections, follow the signs that will take you to Vermont. You will go downhill a lot, and eventually end up on North Hoosac Road. When you get to the bridge that is Cole Avenue, turn right and either go up Cole Avenue to campus, or turn right shortly after crossing the bridge and go up Cole Field to campus.
Note: These directions are not very good and you might get lost if you follow them. However, the view at the top of the meadow is worth it.
Distance: 9 miles (?)