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THE Greylock Run: adjusted mileage to be same as on TGR page
Run along Rt. 2 towards [[North Adams]] for a little over a mile, turning right onto Luce Road. Go up Luce Road and follow it up; when you get to a slight intersection, bear left, which will take you past a farm with cows. Continue up the road; you will eventually see a reservoir (which looks like an earthen wall on the right if you don't get up onto it and see that there's water in it). Near the end of the reservoir, you will get to an intersection with one road going down to the left and one going up to the right. Go up to the right. From there, it's about eight miles to the top. Get to the top, look around, climb the tower, and then run back to campus.
Distance: ~26 25 miles (~12-13 each way)
==Runs to drive to==