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Jae's Inn
== Jae's Inn ==
An Asian-fusion restaurant that is better than both Thai Garden and Chopsticks (in my opinion). Jae's Inn is also less pricey pricier than Thai Garden. It's located just a little past Walmart on the right; they will soon be opening a new location at 666 Cold Spring Rd. at what was formerly Le Jardin. Their pad thai is especially amazing if you prefer your pad thai an Americanized, sugar-filled glob. The sushi is divine as well.
It's a little far, but definitely worth the drive! It's also an Inn (as you might guess from the name...), so it's a bit nicer, but the ambiance is still very warm and inviting, with an art collection better suited for the Walmart across the street.
1111 South State Street 666 Cold Spring Rd. (Rt 8formerly Le Jardin) North Adams, MA 01247
(413) 664-0100
and soon... at 666 Cold Spring Rd.
== Lickety Split ==