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Focus the Nation

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 '''For the full schedule, click [ here]'''
* '''Deal with Global Warming in an intelligent way. ''' This is not a simple or black and white issue, it deserves enlightened discussion.* '''Involve Lots of People. ''' This concerns all of humanity and Focus the Nation will provide an environment for large scale discussions by lots and lots of people. This issue is not an environmental issue but a societal and environmental issue which means the discussions of how to deal with it should happen between people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. * '''Make the Issue More Political. ''' The event will occur early in the political primary season, it provides an opportunity to engage political candidates from across the country and at all levels of government in campus-based, non-partisan discussions of climate solutions.
==Professor Support==
# [[Adrian Mintzmyer]] '09
# [[Ruby Dale-Brown]] '09
# [[John KlienerKleiner]], English# [[Sara Sarah Gardner]], [[Environmental Studies]]
# [[Stephanie Boyd]], [[Facilities]]
# [[Chris Warren]], [[OIT]]