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Driscoll Deviations

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*'''Gods and Goddesses''', a kind of rite of the spring of 2005 that the heavens surely smiled upon.
*'''Thrift Store''', an event held September 24th 2005 inspired by the recent [[ABC sale]] which took students to the backs of their wardrobes to assemble ensembles tacky enough to fit in.
*'''Future Investment Bankers of America''' in which the odd gave their take on preppy.
The Deviants still maintain a [[listserver]] (<email></email>) which is used to organize entertaining and odd activities on campus, and . Driscoll Deviations, though less common than in years past, occur one or two times per semester.
== See also: == * Anna's photo site at for pictures of [ Gods and Goddesses], [Deviants Preppy Night], and [ Thrift Store].