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Pappa Charlie's Deli
Try the Richard Chamberlain for the delicious turkey/cranberry sauce you've always known belonged together on a sandwich. Freaking delicious-- can't go wrong.
This poster thinking thinks the Mighty Mathias is hands-down the best sandwich on the menu. Crunchy panini-grilled bread, melty cheese, delicious insides... Yum yum. Eat it hot! (But be warned, it takes a few minutes extra because it's grilled.)
If you can't find something on the (very extensive!) menu, there's always the Politician: the ingredients change with the customer's whim; tell them what you want and they'll give it to you, prepared on a cost plus basis only, they'll tell you the projected price in advance, but beware of over-runs! It can be eaten out of both sides of your mouth...