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Mediocre, extremely greasy Chinese food, but it's fairly cheap and the portions are huge.
Sake sake sake BOMB!
The "party room" in the back lefthand corner of Chopsticks is the scene of many sake-bombing experiences. [[Frosh Revue]] and the [[Men's Golf Team]] are frequent partakers of the messiest fun that can be had in the beaded, soundproofed area. Make sure to ask for Sharon as a waitress, who may bang the table with you, or at least bring her cute daughter out to watch.
One time Bibby ordered from here and attempted to get sushi, and they weren't having it. For some reason, he kept asking the foreign phone answerer for more and more complex types of sushi, much to everyone's surprise. Finally, they agreed on some bizarre kind of sushi. Needless to say, Bibby wound up with 6 spring rolls. He called to complain, but it was OK because nobody who he was talking to spoke English. The end.
A word of warning: when they tell you how long to wait for delivery, double it. It usually takes them about an hour and a half to deliver, so ORDER EARLY!!!