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Gargoyle Society

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'''==Delegations== ===114th Delegation (2008-2009):'''===
Rachel Ko (President),
Kevin Waite.
'''===113th Delegation (2007-2008):'''===
Jose Pacas (President),
Kevin Waite
'''===112th Delegation (2006-2007):'''===
Katie Josephson (President),
Peter Tosirisuk
'''===111th Delegation (2005-2006):'''===
Katie Krause (President),
Godfrey Bakuli.
==[ History]==
In 1895 the founders of Gargoyle Society wrote, "The object of this organization shall be to discuss college matters, and take active steps for the advancement of Williams in every branch of college life and work, and to exert itself against anything which it considers detrimental to such advancement."