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Hot Tomatoes
== Hot Tomatoes ==
Simply the best pizza you are likely to find anywhere in Western Massachusetts (assuming you have a rare audiovisual disorder that somehow places [[#Little Anthony's Pizza|Little Anthony's]] tantalizingly beyond your field of perception / you are not from New York). People from New York need to get off their high horse and realize that Hot Tomatoes comes much closer to the type of fresh pizza found in Italy, and real Italian pizzamakers wouldn't wipe their behinds with most NYC slices. Somewhat expensive ($20 for a large pie), no side dishes, they often don't deliver, and they close too early. However, the pizza makes it all worthwhile. The crust beats [[#Colonial Pizza|Colonial's]] any day. Get adventurous: try the pizza with pesto (instead of tomato sauce) and shrimp, or try eggplant as a topping.
Of the people I know, about half prefer Colonials to Hot Tomatoes and vice versa. One of its criticisms is its sweet and chunky tomato sauce which they use a good deal of. But for others, the sauce is one of the highlights of Hot Tomatoes pizza.