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Distance: 6+
Alternatively, you can do this as a run from campus. Head down Route 7 towards Vermont until you hit Bulkley Street, then run up into HMF. Go right to start the lower loop and take another right when you hit where the trails cross. About 1.5 miles after this turn, you'll see a trail off to your right (Birch Brook Trail) leading up the mountain (I can't remember the name, but it is right before the big wooden bridge, and it has blue blazes). Follow this trail up for about 1.8 miles (this is a really hard climb, but it's fun too...) and when you get to the top take a left. You are now running along the Taconic Crest. Run along the crest for a little less than a mile, and take the next trail (Shepard's Well Trail) off to your left (If you hit route 2 you've gone too far, way too far). Follow this trail down until you come to a T with Route 2 immediately on your right and a short trail leading to a field on your left. Run toward the field and then through the field (watch out for snakes and check yourself for ticks after you've gotten through it). On the other side of the field is the RRR Brooks trail that you can follow all the way back to Bee Hill. This is a long, steep, often muddy, sometimes flooded, but wickedly awesome run.
All told the run is somewhere in the ballpark of 10-12 miles, but you're climbing for a good deal of it, so be sure to plan your time conservatively.