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[[Category:Groups]] {{Group|| name =Spirituality Group| type =Religious| selective = no| membership =unknown| meeting-time =9-10 pm Tuesdays| meeting-place =Hardy House Living Room| contact-name =unknown| contact-email =unknown| established =unknown}} The Spirituality Café Caf� is a space on campus (currently meeting Tuesday nights at 7:30 upstairs in Goodrich behind the doors) where students (and faculty/staff if interested) can come together and connect in a meaningful way. During the meeting, or at the end, the group thinks of a topic of interest for the next week. Examples of some of these topics: the environment/nature, spiritual discovery/religious background, marrying someone of a different faith or culture, money, sexuality, the culture of American sports,... and the list continues.
After the topic is decided for the next week, people think about it during the week and are encouraged to bring in something on Tuesday to share on the topic... from personal stories to poems to youtube videos. After getting coffee/tea/mochas/hot chocolate etc. from Goodrich Coffee Bar (for free and in nice mugs!), the group talks about the topic. We usually end up going around and reflecting personally on whatever we are inspired to share.
Also, it is not a "religious" group, meaning it is not necessary to be a member of any faith in order to attend. You can just come when you see on the daily messages (Tues morning) that you like the topic for the week. No commitment required... It is merely a way to rejuvenate and connect with those around you.
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