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Co-ops are an alternative living arrangement for small groups of seniors who want something halfway between a typical campus dorm and off-campus housing. Williams has seven co-ops. [[Chadbourne House|Chadbourne]], [[Doughty House|Doughty]], [[Lambert House|Lambert]], [[Milham House|Milham]], [[Susie Hopkins House|Susie Hopkins]], and [[Woodbridge House|Woodbridge]] are small houses, while [[Poker Flats|Poker Flats]] is more of a row housing setup.
5) 5 (Alex Albright, Cole Leiter, Nina Oberman, Sam Flinn, Sophia Chen), undecided, 19
6)2 (Vera Gould, Melany Funes), Doughty, 21
7) 2 (Katy Newcomer, Emily Dugdale), Undecided, 23