Summer in Williamstown

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Jobs at Williams
A large percentage of the students who stay in williams for the summer are employed through various academic departments doing research for their theses, although working on campus doesn't exactly require a such a project. Many departments will provide housing but no meal plan or perhaps the other way around, housing is generally around 35$ per week and meals in packages of 10 and 14. Inquire to the department of your major for summer job opportunities, usually to get the job you must stay here for most of the summer.
Apart from research, there are plenty of other jobs on campus:
* The environmental studies department provides positions for Caretakers in Hopkin's Forest, Librarians in the CES library, and occasionally a gardner for the grounds around Kellog house.
*Both Sawyer and Schow have student positions, although obviously fewer than during the school year. Library work is tedious and pay is decent, but at least it's all air conditioned.
*Facilities (B+G) has some jobs, mostly what you would expect: Lots of hard work clearing brush or trash or whatever.
===Non-Williams jobs in the surrounding area===
Mass Moca, various non-profits in North Adams and Williamstown, Tanglewood, Peace Valley Farm, and Overland Adventures all provide summer employment or internships. For many of these you'll need a bus pass or a car, the bus is reasonable and quick for North Adams. This is by no means an exhaustive list, the OCC probably has much more information.