Lambert House

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[[Category:Student Housing]]
The [ blue house] on the northeast corner of Walden & Hoxsey streets. Named after [[Anna Elizabeth Lambert]]. [ Exactly] 27,654 <math>ft^3</math> and 3,588 <math>ft^2</math>, including the basement (which students can't access, but there's nothing interesting there anyway...). Nominally located at 80 Hoxsey Street.:
<googlemap lat="42.710617" type="hybrid" lon="-73.207151" width="400" height="300" zoom="0">
Comes with a kitchen, a common room (w/fireplace), 8 singles , [[coffee]], [ wireless access] and a porch. [ Winner ] of the 2005-2006 "Do it in the dark" energy-saving contest. Once described as "[ an ideal spot for the Williams socialite]." ==Chronology=={||1900||[ Built]|-|1969||[ Purchased by the college].|-|1999-2000||[ Renovated] for the tidy sum of $105,862.|-|}