Spirituality Group

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The Williams Spirituality Group invites people of all backgrounds to come together and share ideas about the world and our reason for being here. Each Tuesday evening from 9-10 PM in Hardy House Living Room, both students and faculty meet on the couches, eat baked goods, share a bit about their week, and then engage in a meaningful hour-long discussion. Each meeting, the group decides a topic to discuss next week, and someone volunteers to present. He or she brings in something that has to do with the topic, whether it be a personal story, a special excerpt from a book, a poem, a song, etc, and then presents this to kick off the meeting. Afterwards, the floor is open for reflection and discussion.

So far this year, our weekly topics have included: What is Spirituality?; How can we deal with stress/pressure?; Human interaction/connecting with people at Williams; Being our true soul prints; Seeing the economic crisis as an opportunity to realize the important things in life.

Some topics for weeks to come will be: Dealing with death; mysteries of relationships; the challenge of family... etc.

This is a safe space where people are encouraged to listen to one another, become inspired, and open up to share with others who they really are.

Contact Ali Tozier, 09aet@williams.edu, with any questions about this group.