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The Springstreakers are a loosely organized group of streakers who have made a name for themselves streaking events at Williams. The group was founded by Andrew Whinery and Morgan Goodwin during December of 2004 and has since grown into a large but highly unorganized club. While there have been many high points for the group's career, the focus has always been on capitalizing on a maximum of focused attention to create shock value.


  1. Only streak sober. Streaking is not a shameful act and therefore should not need the influence of substances to convince you into doing it.
  2. Don't streak little kids. Parents would get angry.
  3. Don't streak anything with an inordanitely high risk of getting caught.
  4. Don't streak anything unworthy of getting streaked. Such events include sparsely populated events, unpopular events, things that have been streaked before and things that are unimaginative, eg. run-of-the-mill sporting events.


December 2004:

Williams Hall and Sage Hall during sunday night snacks. Estimated Number of frosh streaked: 200

April 2005:

Ephoria Concert: Currier Basement. Special, founders streak. Family weekend, maximum crowd attention and therefore shock. Gordon's parents love it. Overall success. Remmington Shepperd streaked for the third time. EPS - 150

May 2005:

Art History 102: Brooks Rogers, professor Eva Grudin's lecture on Pollock's work. Modern art. A reporter and photographer from the Associated Press was also present to witness the event. This highly successful streak was followed by appluase and a very flustered but elated Art professor breaking out into spontaneous giggles for the remainder of the lecture. EPS: 100 Also see here.

May 2005 (cont'd):

Hamilton's library (full of windows, I might add) was packed with those silly Hamilton students attempting to do work. Finals week, the perfect time to streak. For about ten minutes, not many people were able to concentrate too hard over the bugling, the Williams cheers, and of course, the 15 naked bodies jogging past them. So, just to let everybody know, we streaked the shit out of Hamilton. I know many of you were worried that we would not do Williams proud or they would not know that it was us, but rest assured, they knew that they had been streaked pretty hard last night by Williams. Hamilton had been getting a lot of press because of their NESCAC college streaking tour. They were boasting an undefeated record, but last night The Springstreakers brought home a W on the road. We really showed them what it is like to get a high concentration of people from a different school to be shocked, mildly disgusted, but highly entertained, by our nakedness. Hours driving: 6 Williams students streaking: 14 Williams students wearing only a giant purple sombrero: 1 Williams students wearing only purple and yellow socks: 3 Williams students wearing a purple and white cow suit: 1 Estimated Hamilton students streaked: >200

May 2005 (cont'd):

Well, it has to be said. We once again outdid ourselves, in achieving the greatest moment of streaking history. With Springstreaker leadership, 42 WOOLF leaders pre-emptively streaked the entire JA class. If you weren't there, you missed quite the show.

October 2005:

After failing to organize a larger group of streakers on Mountain Day, three streakers managed to streak a whole crowd of Williams students atop Stony Ledge, many of whom were playing "Ride that Pony." The game of "Ride that Pony" promptly stopped. It should be noted that a serious violation of rule #2 (see above) left one toddler with a very strange expression on his face.

November 2005:

The Springstreakers brought it all back home, streaking the inspiration for their name, the Springstreeters during their fall concert. Fittingly, the Springstreakers sang as they streaked.

December 2005:

Two senior members with the help of 10 others streaked a well-dressed group of '08 WUFO members waiting to be lectured to by '06 leadership. '06s then went on to streak Springstreakers founder and captain Morgan Goodwin, scoring a major victory in inter-team competition for the seniors, showing that the class of '06 can still show the youngins a few tricks. Estimated people streaked: 15 (making this one of the best ratios of streakers to streakees of all time; basically it was the mass aerial bombardment of streaking)

Final Exam: Fifteen 'streakers stormed into Schow science library, bugling, shouting Happy Festivus and distributing individually wrapped study breaks. The streak was well received, a perfect end to our third semester. Remington was not in attendance, but the numbers made up for it. Estimated Streaked People: 150

Look for "The Philosophy of Streaking: Theory and Practice" to be offered under the umbrella of Free University 2006! The course will include both lecture and lab components under the close instruction of Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Whinery, and other members of the faculty.

May 2006:

Frustrated that she was too busy finishing her thesis to join the big Schow streak, Amelia Bishop '06 streaked a pot-luck dessert gathering in CES. Estimated Streaked People: 20

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