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Stetson-Sawyer Project

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The planned site layout

Begins 2007

The so-called Stetson-Sawyer Project is slated to begin over Spring Break 2007 with rock-blasting to make way for the foundation of the North Academic Building, much to the chagrin of Dodd residents, who, after being detoured around construction for two months this fall, will once again find themselves cut off from the campus (see map of construction).

New Buildings

The construction is projected to be finished in 2011 and will include two new buildings for faculty offices, a new library attached to the back of Stetson, and the razing of Sawyer. The new library will also be named Sawyer, according to the architects. These new buildings will enclose a new quad with a line of sight past the edge of the new Paresky Center to the mountains beyond.


Because Sawyer Drive will be closed during construction, the student parking around the buildings of the Dodd Quad will be reassigned to faculty lots.

For site plans and more information, see the official Project Website.