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(Sit at my table and maybe I'll look at you funny, maybe not)
(Sit at my table)
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#Jason Ren
#Jason Ren
#Aston Gonzalez
#Aston Gonzalez
#Cat Vielma (will probably look at you funny, and avoid salmon)
===Eat my food===
===Eat my food===

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Buy me dinner

If you swipe us, we will come. Very cool seniors on the zero meal plan who love to be guest mealed:

  1. Michael Gallagher (06tmg) (I like breakfast and lunch too)
  2. Rachel Winch (06rlw)
  3. Ben Cohen (06bdc)
  4. Heather Casteel (06hdc)
  5. Jason Law (06jl)
  6. Kate Majzoub (06kmm)

Sit at my table

If you sit down, I won't look at you funny.

  1. Evan Miller
  2. Lisetta Shah
  3. Jono Dowse
  4. Joe McDonough; but how will you know it's me? I shall wear a blue carnation in my buttonhole. "It's not the time of year for oranges," I will say. Respond "The herring flies at midnight."
  5. Joe Shoer
  6. LaVonna Bowen (06lmb) will look at you funny, but she does that with everyone.
  7. Jason Ren
  8. Aston Gonzalez
  9. Cat Vielma (will probably look at you funny, and avoid salmon)

Eat my food

If you want, I'll cook something for you (caveat esor)

  1. Alan Cordova (06arc_2)