Students with body skills

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Oral Skills

I can blow free-floating saliva bubbles

Brendan Dougherty (Mr. Bubbles)

Evan Miller (I can catch it, too)

Travis Vachon

Sara Carian

James DiCosmo

Min Kim

Theo Patsalos-Fox

I can curl my tongue into a W

Evan Miller

David Rodriguez

Leah Shoer

Jessie Kerr

Matthew Lincoln

Tyler Auer

Katy Dieber

I can touch my tongue to my nose

Brendan Dougherty

Lucy Cox-Chapman

Jake Manley

Hazen Parsons (Without even having to strain.)

Amanda Van Rhyn

Jessie Kerr

Jennie Lott

Charles Frederick Shafer

Michael Mara

Will Harron

Heck with that, my tongue can pick my nose

Katy Dieber

I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth

David Rodriguez

Evan Miller (gimme 40 seconds)

Julianne Shelby

Liz Macek, '07

Jonaya Kemper, '07 (can also unwrap multiple Starburst and do double knots)

Katy Dieber

I can turn my tongue so it's vertical instead of horizontal

Diana Davis

Julianne Shelby

Jessie Kerr

Ebonie Little

Cat Vielma

I can turn my tongue past vertical, until it's upside down

Brendan Dougherty

Lynette Yorgey

Joe Shoer (I thought everyone could)

Ian Mitchell '09 (agreeing with the two guys above me. Also, can fold it upon itself horizontally and vertically)

Katy Dieber

Cale Weatherly '09

Manual Skills

I can snap my fingers by flipping my wrist

Evan Miller (UPDATE: both hands!)

Ronit Bhattacharyya (both hands)

Jonathan Dahlberg - amazingly well

Travis Vachon

David Rodriguez (right hand only)

Cat Vielma

Daniel "pimpskillet" Bulaevsky (Both hands, really really well)

Kenny Flax (Both hands, really well, much better than daniel)

I can snap without my thumb.

Hazen Parsons (right hand more ticket to fame.)

Kenny Flax (it doesn't look very cool)

I can pull my fingers back to touch the back of my hand

John Chatlos can.

Amanda Van Rhyn can pull her thumb back to touch her forearm, which is almost as good.

Other body skills

Face Tricks

Liz macek can hang 4 spoons on her face simultaneously

Jessie can make her nose crack

Joe Shoer '06 can make a face like "Harpo Marx"

Cat Vielma has one dimple

Kate Foster has two

Ear Tricks

Margit Sande-Kerback '05 can wiggle her ears.

David Rodriguez can wiggle his ears, but he can only move his left ear independent of his right, not vice-versa.

Amanda Van Rhyn can wiggle her left ear. Just her left ear.

Andrew Meador can wiggle his ears separately or together.

Ian Mitchell '09 can wiggle his ears like Andrew, though he has to move my eyebrows to move both.

Jonathan Earle '09 can wiggle his ears independently or together.

Teng Jian Khoo can do the same, which is less visible due to his hair, but makes his glasses move funnily.

Nose Tricks

Margit Sande-Kerback '05 can flare and unflare her nostrils incredibly rapidly, and look darn cute doing it.

I can dislocate my...

Amanda Van Rhyn can dislocate her right shoulder. (Also, judging by the number of stupid body tricks she's signed up for, she might be a circus freak.)

Sean Hayes can dislocate his shoulders to wrap his arms around his head.

Justin Brown '05 can dislocate his shoulder by raising his arm too vigorously.

Ben Kolesar must dislocate *something* to be able to do that crazy trick. You should ask him to show you.

Cam Henry can dislocate his thumb, and put his left arm behind his head so that the elbow touches his right shoulder

I can relocate my ...

Jason Leith '03 can put both feet behind his head.

Christina Rabadan '08 can too.

I Can Get a Cool/Rare/Weird Disease

Seth Brown '01 (scurvy)

Tom Stackpole '01 (scurvy)

Jesse Dill (amoebic dysentery, pleurisy, whooping cough)

Ronit Bhattacharyya (amoebic dysentery)

P.J. Boanvitacola '06 (scabies, twice)

Haydee Lindo '08 (malaria)

According to Heath Dill, Jason Leith '03 is a carrier of "Leithmaniasis"

Mac Stone '09 (Kawasaki's Disease)

Harsh Sodhi (Salmonella Typhi; Typhoid)